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MSW Admission Essay: What to Write?

Is the Admission Essay for MSW Important?

Social workers get to work with some of the most vulnerable and needy people in our society. Their training needs to be top notch if they are to be able to make a difference with what they do. But getting accepted to study for your MSW at one of the best colleges is not going to be easy. You will need to impress the admissions committee with your MSW admission essay, your MSW resume, personal references and all of the other information that you provide.

Often your essay for admission to MSW program places will be the most important part of your application. It is your opportunity to tell the committee who you are, what your long-term goals are, and any cultural traditions or other information that is influencing your application. Well written your admission essay can make a huge difference to your chances of being selected.

help writing msw admission essay

Writing an essay for MSW admission that is going to get you noticed over the many competitors is however not easy. This is why so many applicants will seek out our professional services for help. We offer professional support that can help with everything from a statement of purpose for PhD in marketing through to your effective MSW admission essay. We ensure that you are able to submit an application for a masters in social work that you can be proud of.

Where Should You Study for Your MSW Degree?

msw admission essay exampleChoosing the right program is vital if your degree is to command the respect that it will deserve. While there are many colleges that offer the qualification it is always best to aim for the better ranked programs so that you will be able to get the best possible education in your chosen field. The following are some of the best ranked programs for MSW to which you could apply:

How to Write an Effective UW MSW Admission Essay

Every program will have very specific expectations for their admission essay. Some require a single personal statement while others will expect you to write one or more essays that answer specific prompts. So you will always need to do your homework and find out just what the program you are applying to specifically wants. You must ensure that you follow all requirements for the essay with regards to number of pages, format and what they expect to see covered.

It is always best to tailor your essay to the specific program that you are applying to. The better that it reflects what the admissions committee is looking for the more chance that you have of getting selected. Look at MSW admission essay examples and you will be able to see the style of writing that is expected and the range of things that you should be covering.

In general, a good MSW admission essay should do the following:

  • Show who you are. The reader will want to understand your personal cultural traditions and background and how it has led you to want to study social work. Overcoming some form of hardship and any form of adversity that you have faced are all good themes for your writing.
  • Demonstrate your interest in social justice. Show that you are keen to solve social problems. Maybe identify something that you are interested in and offer your personal views as to how change can be brought about.
  • Show them that you have the skills to make it as a social worker. Demonstrate those skills through clear and concise examples.
  • Include your short and long-term goals. They will want to know that you have a clear idea of the career that you will follow once you have completed your education.
  • Write in a clear and concise manner. Avoid overly complex sentences or words that people will simply not understand.
  • Keep to the truth at all times. You may be interviewed and they will want to cover areas that you will have shown within your essay.
  • Keep to things that you are comfortable discussing within your writing. Again you may have to discuss things at an interview.
  • Revise your writing and proofread with care. You need to demonstrate your ability to communicate and make an excellent first impression.

How Can We Help with Your MSW Admission Essay?

Our professional services have been around for more than 5 years and during that time we have helped students from all over the world with their applications. We are able to provide you with a proven and highly skilled writer that will work directly with you. They will themselves be fully qualified with a minimum of an MSW and will know precisely what is expected of your application.

They work directly with you to help with writing your admission essay for MSW. Direct contact ensures that your essays will always reflect your personal goals and skills while carefully and precisely targeting the program that you are applying to.

writing admission essay for msw

Your essay is written from scratch. There is never any copying of samples or simple completion of generic templates. Once completed your essay will be provided to you for review. You are entitled to an unlimited number of reviews until you are satisfied that it will be fully effective.

Why Should You Use Our MSW Services for Your Application?

Our aim is always to ensure that you will have the greatest chance of selection by providing you with the support that you need to submit an essay that will get you noticed. Whether you need a statement of purpose for PhD in marketing or for your MSW application. We do this by offering you the best qualified and experienced staff as well as all of the following:

  • Around the clock support that can be accessed at any time through internet or the phone.
  • Free certified proofreading to eliminate any possibility of writing mistakes with your essay.
  • Plagiarism testing with a free report to show that your MSW essay is unique to you.
  • Delivered quickly within your deadline so that you can make your application on time.
  • Satisfaction with your MSW personal statement is guaranteed or your money back.

Select our professional services today to get all of the affordable and effective help that you will need to submit the best MSW admission essay for your selected program!