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What to Write in Your MSW Letter of Recommendation

How Relevant Is the Letter of Recommendation for MSW Applications?

Whether you are looking for a new job or entry into a graduate program of education, having yourself recommended by another can boost your chances of getting an interview considerably. After all the opinions of others are often trusted and respected far more than anything that you can say about yourself. So a good letter of recommendation can have a significant impact on your gaining an interview.

However, writing an effective MSW letter of recommendation is not always an easy task. It is difficult to say something in a letter or recommendation for MSW program applications without going over the top or making some other mistake. They are far harder to write than most recommenders expect them to be.

professional msw letter of recommendation help

Our professional services have been supporting MSW applications for many years. We can support the writing of everything from your MSW letter of intent through to letters of recommendation. We provide our services through MSW qualified experts that will always look to ensure that you are fully satisfied with the documents provided.

How to Write the Perfect MSW Letter of Recommendation

Whether you are looking to help them land a job interview or a place on a learning program you will often start your process by taking a look at a sample MSW letter of recommendation. A good letter of recommendation sample for grad student MSW applications will be able to clearly show you what your letter should like. What you will notice from all good samples, however, is that they are highly personalized. A good letter does not simply list a few key skills and say that you recommend them.

sample msw letter of recommendationWriting an effective letter will take time and a lot of skill. The following advice for writing a USC MSW letter of recommendation acceptance will help you to better understand how you need to go about covering the key components of a good letter:

  • Are you the right person to write the letter? If you do not know the person in a way that allows you to make a real judgment then it will often be best to politely decline to write the letter. The same goes if you really cannot think of anything positive to say about the applicant.
  • Get their help: ask the applicant to provide you with all the information that you will need to help write your letter. This can include details of your interactions with them, their personal statement, resume, list of accomplishments and anything they particularly want highlighting within their letter. Also ask details of the programs that the applicant is applying to.
  • Give the reader an insight into who you are and why you are in a position to pass judgment on the individual you are recommending.
  • Highlight their most important traits that you will write about: review what the programs are looking for and identify the things that you feel will best match them within your letter. Highlight not just specific strengths but also things such as the person’s compassion or determination. Give an idea of who they are as a person not just their achievements.
  • Be specific: highlighting a specific case or achievement can help to make the letter far more personalized and help the individual to stand out.
  • Always end your letter by positively endorsing the individual for the program or the job that they are being recommended for.

As Rackham Graduate School says:

“What is the candidate’s professional promise and your evidence to support the assessment? Thus, your letter will identify the characteristics and achievements that are directly relevant to the candidate’s potential job performance. The key to effective and accurate letter writing is focusing your comments on criteria that are relevant for this evaluation.”

What Needs to Be Avoided When Writing Your Letter of Recommendation for MSW

There are of course many things that should be avoided when writing your letter of recommendation:

  • Unsubstantiated praise: calling someone “creative” or “hardworking” means nothing if you don’t backup your claims with examples.
  • Using flowery language: try to be precise and concise in your writing and avoid the use of unnecessary descriptive phrases.
  • Don’t say anything that is untrue simply to help the applicant: stick to the truth at all times.
  • Don’t forget to proofread: not only does this make the applicant look poor if your letter is poorly written it will also reflect on you.

This from Ohio State should also be considered:

“Avoid writing some sentence at the end that mentions even a potential weakness. It will be read as a warning that the real message of the letter is: don’t appoint, don’t tenure or don’t award.”

How Can We Help with Your MSW Letter

Our experts are carefully selected for their skills and qualifications. Through our support, you can get help with everything from writing an MSW letter of recommendation to an accounting PhD statement of purpose. No matter what support you will always be working with an expert that is qualified in that field. They work directly with you to offer the best possible help at all times.

writing letter of recommendation for msw

Our expert will contact you directly to discuss the content of your letter. They know what the programs will want to see and will be able to draw out the specific information that will be needed in the letter. Once written you can request an unlimited number of revisions until the letter of recommendation is precisely what you expect.

The Benefits of Working with Our Professional Writers and Editors

Our aim is that you will be able to produce an effective letter of recommendation for MSW program applications that you can be proud of. We do this by providing the best staff and also:

  • Proofreading of your letter by certified experts to ensure its quality.
  • Plagiarism testing to confirm it is original to you.
  • On time delivery so that you will never miss a deadline.
  • Fully confidential support, no one will know that you have used our services.
  • Guaranteed satisfaction with your MSW letter of recommendation or your payment is refunded.

Write a highly effective and persuasive MSW letter of recommendation with the support of our highly professional and affordable services!