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PhD Personal Statement Examples

Reading PhD personal statement examples can give you an idea on what to write on your own personal statement when you apply for a PhD program. It is true that writing about yourself can be difficult at times but when you are writing to get accepted into a program, you should give it your best so you will stand out.


PhD Personal Statement Examples

“Growing up with a friend with a mental disorder, I know the fear and anger that such conditions cause. She was misdiagnosed five times, and each time took medication that did nothing to improve her self esteem or her moods. In addition to the stigma that comes with interacting with people with mental disorders, it has become clear to me that people simply do not know how to approach mental disabilities due to much misinformation portrayed in the media. Since I was pursuing my undergraduate degree, I have been very interested in the realm of mental disorders and treatments. I believe that a PhD in Abnormal Psychology will allow me to continue my research into various psychological disorders and help to educate the public about the importance of supporting people suffering from these conditions.

Research in psychological abnormalities has been my focus throughout my undergraduate career. My mentor, Dr. Sally Greg, and I have worked for the past two years to develop new diagnostic tests and treatment methods for people with autism. Since this disease encompasses a spectrum of symptoms, we aim to create highly specialized diagnostic tests tailored to individual circumstances. I believe very strongly that an understanding of the disease is critical to the treatment of individuals suffering from the conditions, such that they are able to become strong members of society.

I believe that people suffering from mental conditions should be afforded the same courtesy and respect as those in the hospital for medical reasons. In my graduate studies, I want to continue my research into the diagnostic and treatment analysis of autism, and I hope to be able to verify my findings through clinical studies. A graduate degree in Abnormal Psychology will give me the skills and resources I need to continue my research into psychological diseases and eventually run a clinic for the diagnosis and treatment of such patients.“

Personal Statement PhD Sample

phd personal statement examplesThere are lots of places where you can find sample personal statement for doctoral program or statement of purpose for PhD application aside from the textbooks in your library such as the Internet. Getting your hands on as many PhD personal statement examples can give you a much better idea on how to write your own.

Personal Statement for PhD Examples with Us

If you are looking for a sample personal statement for PhD program, our site has some sample personal statement for PhD admission.

Take the time to read our PhD personal statement examples so you can see how we work when it comes to writing the best personal statement for you.