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Samples of Statement of Purpose

Best Samples of Statement of Purpose

The hardest part of writing most documents is simply mastering the basics and learning the tricks and techniques to be successful, and this is true of a hugely important document like the SoP as well. There are a few ways to learn the basics, but none easier and more accessible than PhD statement of purpose examples. A sample SoP for PhD can show you the principles and techniques of writing in action, and we’ve provided one below.

Professional Statement of Purpose PhD Sample

PhD Statement of Purpose SampleMonet, Remembrandt, Renoir – their work is prized all over the world, but what is the meaning behind their masterpieces? I’ve been entranced by art since the age of three, when my parents bought me my own easel and I set off to become the next Van Gogh. While researching what artist I wanted to emulate, I became enraptured with the history and the symbolism behind the work of the great masters. I’ve collaborated with many historians from Harvard University, and I know Harvard’s Art History program is where I would like to pursue my Art History PhD.

Art is more than just aesthetically pleasing – it represents the story of the ages. In my undergraduate studies, I focused on Monet’s Pearl Earring painting and the cultural significance of the piece in 16th century Holland. I presented my findings with my mentor, Dr. Bernard Hoffman, at the Symposium of the Arts in Belgium in 2013. My desire to learn more about the significance of art as cultural artifacts does not stop here, and in my graduate studies I want to continue exploring the art forms of the Enlightenment period in an effort to understand the anthropologic importance of the works.

Harvard University has long been known for its rich history and extensive expertise in the arts. At Harvard, I will not only be able to collaborate with other art historians, but with literature and geography scholars as well. Such a collaborative atmosphere is essential to piecing together the analysis of everyday life through masterpieces. History is studied to help guide the actions of the future, and I believe that art is a critical aspect of understanding the past. A PhD in art history will allow me to delve into the works that I have grown up with, and eventually become curator of an art museum.

Mistakes to Avoid While Working with a PhD Statement of Purpose Sample

There are several typical mistakes applicants make when using a sample SoP to write and these pitfalls have a way to help ruin their chances of even getting an interview let alone be admitted to that dream institution. Now let’s see the common mistakes to avoid when writing a SoP using a sample:

  • Templatizing SoP. Templatizing is the act of creating a template out of an existing template such that the work looks generic and not like your own SoP. When following engineering statement of purpose example the essence is to guide you to write not lift the content as it is yours. It can land you in big trouble with the academic community over a case of plagiarism.
  • Copying words from someone’s original SoP. Copying particular words from an accounting and finance statement of purpose sample for instance to a large extent makes your SoP look very similar to the one copied. The best way to utilize a sample is to get the specific and general idea from the sample and write using your own words.
  • Falsifying Information. In a bid to sound right and exceptional some applicants go as far as copying or faking an incidence or illustration similar to the one in a marketing statement of purpose sample. Most times it doesn’t sound original to a committee who has read thousands of SoP over the years. If you would just learn and understand how the sample SoP works you might just be able to do an even better job.
  • Copying the writing style. Every individual has his or her writing style and it helps to portray your unique voice in a written content. Therefore, trying to write using the style of another applicant’s chemistry statement of purpose example, for instance, makes you sound shallow since you would not sound exactly like the person. But understanding the central idea of a SoP can help you evolve the unique style that gets you noticed even faster.

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A sample SoP for PhD is only as helpful and valuable as the quality and the person who wrote it, and if you pull an example of statement of purpose for PhD off Google Images you could find yourself getting the wrong information or learning from the wrong examples. Our service has nothing but professionally written samples, and we offer multiple different kinds of samples for whatever you might need. We are also ready to tailor your application paper for Harvard statement of purpose requirements or any other particular higher education establishment, program or scholarship. Take advantage of one of our samples you know you’re getting nothing less than the best!

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Irrespective of your discipline our team of seasoned professionals can help see you into your dream course of choice if you would take a ride with us with writing your SoP. To your success!

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