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Personal Statement for Postgraduate Examples and Samples

Do You Need a Personal Statement Sample for Postgraduate Applications?

best personal statement for postgraduate examplesThere are many personal statement for postgraduate examples online such as ours and they are often an excellent way of discovering how to improve your own writing. Your postgraduate application personal statement is often the most important part of your application as it can often be the only way to differentiate yourself from your competition. Places are very heavily competed for, many of the better schools and universities only accept a fraction of those that apply.


The admissions committee will want to know far more than just what degree you gained and what grades you have achieved. Often these will be very similar to many of the other applicants so your personal statement is your chance to make a real impact and make yourself stand out. Writing one well however is never easy and this is why you may want to look at postgraduate personal statement examples to get a better idea of what you need to achieve through your writing.

Our highly specialized services have been helping students with their postgraduate applications for several years. We know precisely what it takes to craft a personal statement postgraduate application that is going to be capable of making an impact. Our staff are some of the best that you will find online and can provide you with all of the support and samples that you may need.

How Can You Use a Sample Personal Statement Postgraduate Study

best postgraduate personal statement examplesA good sample personal statement for postgraduate scholarship or applications is often the best way to see precisely what is expected of you. You often gain a better idea of what is needed when you see postgraduate personal statement examples rather than just trying to follow advice and lists of tips. A good example will show you the style of writing that you should be using within your statement. It will also show you the right formatting and also what areas you should be covering.

No matter how good a personal statement for postgraduate application example you find however, you must never simply copy it or any part of it. Your own statement must be totally unique to you and must reflect your own personal skills and ambitions. Simply copying a sample of a personal statement for postgraduate study is not going to provide the committee with a good reflection of you, nor is it going to be targeted to their expectations.

Tips for Writing Your Postgraduate Personal Statement

best personal statement sample for postgraduateA postgraduate personal statement is not something that you can just rattle off on a wet afternoon, not unless you are a very highly talented writer. Most people will have to do several versions of their statement and will spend many weeks working on it; often submitting something that they are still not truly happy with. Looking at postgraduate personal statement examples will give you some guidance but you still need some extra tips to help you with your writing:

Check the requirements for your personal statement, especially for things such as the number of characters in length that it must be, spaces after a period, font, use of special characters, line spacing, and other formatting requirements. Always follow the instructions to the letter.

Ensure that you answer the prompt that is being provided for you, many applicants get carried away with what they are writing and forget that they have a specific prompt to answer in most cases.

Use a good hook as your opening line; you need to grab their attention so it really does need to be interesting and capable of making them want to read more. Unusual facts or a relevant personal anecdote are usually the best ways of starting off your statement.

Provide a theme to give your statement a clear storyline. It should read more like a good story about you and not simply be a list of your qualifications, skills, and experience as it would be in your resume.

Use clear and understandable language that anyone will be able to follow; do not try to use clever words from your thesaurus and do not use slang or acronyms.

Always use your own words; avoid plagiarism (copying), quotations and even clichés. They want to read what you have to say not the words of others.

Cover all of their expectations; typically they will want to know why you are studying in your field, what makes you suited for their program, where you see your career heading and why you are applying to their program specifically.

Only talk about yourself; this is a personal statement and as such is written all about you. You should not be talking about others within your statement.

Be positive and do not complain; this is not a document in which you should be making excuses of blaming others for anything that has gone wrong for you.

Write concisely; you have a limited word count and you need to ensure that every word that you use will make an impact. Remove all filler and anything that does not directly help you to win that place.

Review and edit your writing; check every word that you have used and ask yourself if there is a better choice. Ensure that everything flows and that your transitions are clear.

Proofread; submitting a statement that contains errors will make a very poor first impression and in many cases will ensure that your application is simply passed over in favor of someone that has taken the time to ensure that their statement is error free.

Remember as Michael Cheary says:

Your personal statement is one of the most important parts of your postgraduate application. And, as a new one should be written every time you apply, it should be specifically tailored to the university and course you’re applying for. Which, unfortunately, also makes it one of the most time-consuming parts of the whole process.

We Can Help Write You an Effective Personal Statement for Postgraduate Applications

Our postgraduate application letter writing service can help you with everything from your doctorate letter of recommendation through to that all important personal statement. We use only highly qualified and experienced writers and editors that have many years of experience within the subject areas in which they work. Each has excellent native level English skills and will work with you to ensure that your application is completed to the highest of standards.

All of the writing support that we provide is covered by our full satisfaction money back guarantee and will always be delivered to you on time even if you have made a rush order. It will be provided with a plagiarism report to show that it is unique and also proofread by an expert to confirm that it is free of errors.

If you want to make a submission that is as good as any of our personal statement for postgraduate examples just contact our highly skilled and reliable staff here today!